Who we are

Founded in 2011, GAME TECH, LDA. is a company specializing in the distribution and marketing of branded and quality products in the video game industry.

The founders with more than 10 years of experience in trading and sales have consistently contributed to the success of the company which has grown dramatically in its representations and market share, fruit of great dedication and willingness to expand the business to be a leader in the distribution of accessories for games.

With headquarters and warehouse in Lisbon, Portugal, GAME TECH offers a wide range of quality products, constantly working to provide the best possible service to our customers and the most competitive prices.

Our Facilities



Thanks to our transport, Logistics system and stock availability, we are able to process customer orders and deliveries effectively and quickly.


At GAME TECH we believe that even the best business strategy can not be achieved without the commitment of our staff. As the gaming world is a unique fast-paced industry, where technologies change in short term, human capital is an important factor in the company's competitive advantage. GAME TECH has a highly innovative and motivated team with combined knowledge bases in all areas of the gaming industry. We believe that the infusion of human capital is fundamental for the development and sustainable growth of the company that in this way generates better results, especially nowadays.

GAME TECH is committed to being a strong distributor with strategies that will strengthen its growth by delivering solutions and services that consistently meet our customers' expectations. We continuously seek to provide access to the consumers of our region with the latest technologies for entertainment and high quality products.